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Christmas Paper Star DIY and a giveaway!

A Christmas star has long held a special meaning in our lives and evokes a nostalgic memory of the Christmases  of our childhood.I do remember hanging a paper star which held a special importance in our family.It would shine throughout December shining like the Star of Bethlehem signalling Christmas is fast approaching...

  My daughter and her friends had come over for crafting and so to keep them occupied I gave them a stack of paper of myOrigami Flower Kits to play around with and within 10 minutes they surprised me with a gorgeous paper star! So I thought it might bring good cheer to more family hence this simple DIY.The origami paper in the kit as I have mentioned before have such vibrance and color choices that most of the paper crafts created with this come out looking fabulous,so keep the kit in mind for Christmas gifting to while away those dreary winter months when you need some peace and quite in the fast approaching holidays ahead.

Would you like a one of my origami kits for free do enter my giveaway below!

 You will need:
Step 1.Origami Flowers Kit you get mine at a deal from Amazon here If you do not have one you could use any square paper  it would work but preferably double sided like the kit to get it extra nice! You would need five or six papers of the same design,here I have used a double sided one with red and white designs on one side and green on the other for contrast.
3.Staples or Tape

Step 2. Fold each the square diagonally to form a triangle,fold again to form a smaller triangle like in the last picture..

Step 3.
Fold down the top tip to divide triangle into half  and crease well. Unfold and refold the tip of the triangle down to the middle crease and crease well.Repeat the same from the bottom bringing it to the middle crease.You should have 3 crease line now equidistant from each other.

Step 4
With scissors cut on each crease line leaving end uncut like in pictures below.

Step 5
You will have a piece like below.Using tape bring opposite end together to make roll in the middle.Using a small bit of tape to secure.

Step 6
Flip the paper over and tape the second end in the opposite way.Repeat the taping the last one again in direction of the first.You have just finished one point of the star. You can vary the designs of the star even by side to which you tape the pieces even!

Step 7.
Create 5 or 6 more to create a 5 pointed or six pointed star..

Step 8.
Now bring the pointed tip end together and staple bundle 3 together for 6 pointed star or bundle a 3 and a 2 for 5 pointed star.

Step 9.
Staple the  middle end of tow points together to prevent them from flopping aound.

Step 10.
Attach the set of 3 by overlapping the ends to form a star

Poke a hole and thread a ribbon to form a loop to hand on you door! Your paper star is ready for hanging..
You can create garland by stapling them tips together.Try experimenting with different paper from the set hashtag me using #xmasstjudestar if you made any!

There are   two more DIY before Christmas here so stay tuned!

Do you like this DIY please do help us by sharing or pinning this project,Follow my pinterest boards and on my instagram for videos and more sneak peaks..Using the affialiate links below to buy any gifts would be much appreciated!

Happy Crafting!
Maria Noble

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Bonney said...

These look like so much fun to make the results are just beautiful! Perfect for every window!

How to Make 100 Paper Flowers said...

thank you bonney!

essay-on-time reviews said...

Hey thanks for sharing this brilliant idea with us I will be trying this out for myself please keep sharing your brilliance with us on your blog. This is a fantastic post.



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