Succulent Buttercream Cake Flowers | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Succulent Buttercream Cake Flowers

The korean buttecream flowers are the new fad here nowadays and so I have been investing some time into this icing technique as it has naturally piqued my interest as I love to bake!


Now for every birthday I try to make a effort to try the korean buttercream techniques out.Succulents have been always a great favorite of mine and so I tried icing some for my husband's birthday I took inspiration from a few site which I will link below.



 The cake was a chocolate cake and I crushed some chocolate cookies to create a sand effect on top.The flowers are individually iced like I did for my daughter's bday here.this time I used wilton tips.I will be putting the affliate links below.I used more of the star tips for the cactis.

Excuse my background on this :-) but it was just out of my refrigerator!

Meanwhile here are some my new shots of my paper flowers and the book "How to Make 100 Paper Flowers" in german! I like the cover much better!


yes -new ideas and creativity gives you a fresh approach at everything!

The origami kits too have been translated into many languages and here is one in Italian!

Did you know I now pack most of my flowers in my own handmade origami boxes,so do pick up a copy from Amazon here it might prove useful to learn these techniques~

Some useful links that I found are here!
1. Wilton website they have tons of  free instructions  - wilton buttercream cakes
2.Succulent cake - I found great inspiration from this buttercream succulent cake and from the youtube videos!

I have the master tip set from wilton below -its good buy i think for the sale price below now!

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