Handmade Forget me nots wedding cake topper bird nest in blue | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Handmade Forget me nots wedding cake topper bird nest in blue

forget me not
I used some my all time favorite forget me nots -(the flowers are so intricately made that it take loads of time to finish them) in my bird nest (which btw is also handmade) for a blue wedding cake topper.This would be gorgeous a top a cake for a garden wedding! Seprate bunches of forget me nots can be ordered.What more I can totally see this resting somewhere special after the wedding as lasting memories of the day! If you would like to purchase one please do visit my etsy store listing love bird nest topper or browse through my birds nests on my webstore here 

love bird nest cake topper
forget me nots
Forget me not wedding cake topper! I have been in a bit of creative splurges :-) and guilty of having not concentrated on my "to do" orders - anyway here is what I have created lately.
forget me not flowers

love bird nest cake topper

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love bird nest cake topper

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Laura said...

This is AMAZING! I used it as an inspiration for my handmade invitation model. I hope you don't mind... It's here: Creation Faeries Wedding.

I can't believe you can create such beautiful things!



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