Paper Flowers and high tea!

I have been still enthralled by dahlias I am seeing around here in New England.I am trying to recreate them of course I know I will never ever be able to get it absolutely right but here my take on another kind of dahlias in paper,enjoy, imagining sipping tea (I am a tea person) surrounded by dahlias.Enjoy!

paper flowers dahlia maria noble

I have been trying to shoot still life what better model than paper flowers! I have plenty more to share so keep watching!!! Here below are 2 kinds of dahlias - dinner plate dahlias and hierloom varieties with some of my older flowers I had around definitely something I will be playing around with, in the future.
paper flowers

Fall is coming soon and I am sad to see all the flowers go with the rain,the cycle continues:-)
Happy Crafting and hoping to share some pictures of my coming books soon on the blog!

Stay Safe!

Do share and repin the images onto pinterest for future reference!!

Paper Flowers more pictures

I have been exploring some more flowers and I have been trying to perfect some of my skills..

Here are some new shots I love Enjoy! Paper roses ,paper dahlias combinations..

Paper Dahlias David Austin Roses

I have been putting some time into exploring some new techniques that I have always wanted to use using some techniques I accrued over the years of making paper flowers,here are some first fruits - dahlia.

I have been taking it easy and will be till Nov end :-) more on that blessing after November end:-)

Meanwhile here are some sneak peaks into flowers I was working on and some peaks into some of the boxes in the new book coming out in Jan 

The pink flowers are made from scraps of crepe paper leftover of the dahlias! The how to to make the origmai box is featured in the new Origami Box Book on Amazon now on sale for $9.63

Paper flowers book some pictures tutorials

I have been taking a small break from paper flowers but I am looking forward towards to the publications of two of the kits coming out soon - the Origami Flowers Super Pack by Nov 6,2015.

Meanwhile here are some paper flowers created by Deborah  from the book How to Make 100 Paper Flowers I love it so I thought it deserved a post here! Credits : Deborah

paper flowers

Here is also a review of the book that looks wonderful and I am so glad that the book has inspired crafters to crete paper flowers! 
anemone paper flower tutorial

Here is a  some newly created  origami flowers that I created using some origami techniques I learned from the kits.I have been exploring some new techniques on paper flowers to keep the creative juices flowing:-)

And some more ideas that was from craftside

Happy Crafting!

Origami Boxes Super Paper Pack - a new book out in Jan 2016

It's my great pleasure to let my readers know that Creative Publishers will be coming out with my third book "Origami Boxes Super Paper Pack" a companion book to the "Origami Flowers Paper Pack".This book will feature 10 simple and creative boxes that you will be able to use to pack your products (I have started using them to pack my flowers (see pictures in post)!) and showcase favors and style your events.

Featuring 10 box designs and over 400 pages of double-sided origami paper, this pack has everything you need to think "outside the box" with your origami!

Origami Flowers Super Paper Pack: Folding Instructions and Paper for Hundreds of Blossoms

It is great pleasure to let my readers know that Creative Publishing International will be coming out with another of my book titled

Origami Flowers Super Paper Pack: Folding Instructions and Paper for Hundreds of Blossoms

Packed with great pictures and step by step directions the paper pack has 400 pages of origami papers to get you started immediately this book will be out in Nov.Be sure to order it for your loved ones who are interested in paper crafts.I have designed some new designs for this book.Be sure to preorder it here.

I will have some sneak peaks into the book in the near future.This book will be in conjunction with another book that is in the works on which I hope to update on soon!

It's been a great grace and immense blessing to be able to do these books and I do hope you will enjoy many hours of paper crafting with them.

Happy Crafting,
Maria Noble

Mother Day Wrist corsage Do it Yourself

Mother's day is fast approaching and so here is a DIY paper flowers wrist corsage that you could print out and create as a gift for anyone you would like to give on Mother's Day.

The project was inspired by  a Mother's Day Gift I received for last Mother's day from my son.I loved the gift  and my heart melted.I treasure it much  I am sure if you gift one they will treasure it too..

The flower technique is featured in my book How to Make 100 Paper Flowers which is on Amazon.


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