Free magnetic advent printable of the Christ Child

Preparing the manger is the practice of preparing a soft bedding in the manger for the Christ Child by using little wisps of straw as tokens of prayers and good works performed through the penitential season of Advent. This is originally a French custom that quickly spread to other countries. Every night the child is allowed to put in the crib one straw for each act of devotion, good work or sacrifice performed. "Thus the Christ Child, coming on Christmas Day, finds an ample supply of tender straw to keep Him warm and to soften the hardness of the manger's boards" (Francis Weiser,Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs, 1958). 

advent printable christ child magnet
With this theme in mind to get a heads up here is a free magnetic printable of the Christ Child for your refrigerator door with a wreath of flowers around him.

Wedding cake topper with birds

Wedding cakes with cute bird toppers are one of the most popular ideas in the wedding industry.Mary emailed me if I could recreate one of my previous bird topper with solabo wood flowers.

A paper leaf fall wreath tutorial using postit notes

I have been thinking of a fall wreath for some time and when fall came it just came together so easily.
I wanted a theme of giving thanks and the beauty of this fall season here in New England  makes me want to reflect of the things of this past year,the goodness bestowed on us this year and of course of the losses that some of us might have gone though.In everything we give thanks!

Anniversary gift fall a calla and roses wedding bouquet in paper!

Philip got in touch a few weeks ago to see if I could recreate for him his wife's wedding bouquet of pale orangy vendala's and stone orange shaded callas interspersed with hypercium berries and sweet ruskus leaves.

Water Lily Wedding Cake Topper Garden wedding close to a pond of water lilies!

Gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful are water lilies,when Kristy asked me to remake these I totally jumped at the chance.The top water lily for the cake cake is 5-6 inches with 2 tiers each with one
water lily wedding cake topper sugar flowerswaterlily wedding cake topper
water lily each.

Anemone Paper Flower Bridal Bouquet Black and White wedding

An order of an anemone paper flowers wedding bouquet for a Canadian bride for a classy black and white wedding!

paper flowers wedding bouquet black and white weddingpaper flowers anemone

Stephanotis Wedding boutonierres

Stephanotis are my all time favorites and often requested flowers.The clay flowers are so versatile and they can be treasured after the wedding too!


Amanda is a Canadian bride who wanted 7 boutonnieres of stephanotis flowers,she wanted something another bride requested last year and here are them.


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