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Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial

With Christmas season "at the door" :-) I wanted to share with my readers this super easy Burlap Wreath that you could hang on your front door to impress your guests or add to your mantle to add a warmth to your room.

It has been snowing so heavily here and it looks like a very white Xmas here in New England so I could use all the warmth!

The wreath is so simple to make that within minutes you will have created a show stopping wreath.

Materials needed:
1.Flowers -you could always change  up the colors to suit the season  you could use paper flowers of course.
3.Burlap ribbon. If you don't have burlap try using any thick ribbon..
4. Berrries 
6.A round foam ring - use any ring that you can get a pin into..
7.No glue :-) This means once Xmas is over you can reuse it to transform it into another wreath.

Step 1. Take the end of the burlap ribbon and pin it onto the wreath form to anchor.Wind the ribbon around the wreath form twisting the ribbon each time to get fluffy effect. Dont wind too hard.At interval keep using the pin to secure to place making sure you pin  at back so the pin does not show.Wind till you get a finished ring.

Step 2:

Using the pins make a base for the flowers by pinning on the leaves.

Step 3:

Pin on the flowers by tucking the pin in between layers of the petal to hide the pin heads!!

Wind a wire onto to the berries.Make a hook of the pin and pin to attach to wreath. and you are set..

If you want change things up a bit here is another tutorial for a Christmas Wreath I did last year using the same form..

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May the Blessings of Christmas be with all!

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