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Top 10 Suppliers for Craft Paper and Crepe Paper Supplies

Searching for crepe paper? You are at the right place.As I have mentioned in my How to Make 100 Paper Flowers book there are various kind of paper that you use to make paper flowers.

I love to use recycled paper for many of my projects but there will be that project that would need the correct paper to make it perfect.

Here is the List of My Top Suppliers that you can rely on! These are thinner sheets of longer folds of crepe paper of the streamer variety.

Crepe Paper Folds

These are thinner sheets of longer folds of crepe paper of the streamer variety.

crepe paper flower book dennison

1. Blumchen (NJ) has beautiful colors and my best recommended brand to use ,their online store online has this.
2.AcMoore - has a wonderful section with the folds (for North East) no online store but.
3.Castle in the Air - CA lots of crepe including florist crepe paper in rolls
5.Cindus -very lovely crepe paper folds and reasonably priced

Doublette crepe paper

Doublettes are the most used paper in flower making! So here are the two suppliers I would recommend,the best brand would be Gloria from Germany
Picture Credits - rose supplies uk

2.Castle in the Air -CA

Florist Crepe Paper
Thicker than the fine crepe, the florist crepe comes in two weights, although the difference between the 160 gram and 180 gram (per square meter). Florist crepe is a popular choice for people making crepe paper flowers, especially oversize ones.

1.Castle in the Air -CA
2.Paper Mart 
3 . Carte Fini - great quality!

Origami Paper 

2.Joann Fabrics
3.Ac Moore

Construction Paper

2.Joann Fabrics
3.Ac Moore

Scrapbooking Paper & Cardstock

2.Joann Fabrics
3.Ac Moore
4.Paper Source

Do you have a store that offers paper - would love to hear from you! Contact me via the contact form!

I have selected some crepe paper that you might like and some tools via amazon.Do browse through them.Amazon has some amazing rates,equally great quality, and of course if you are in Amazon Prime shipping is free!!! So you are getting a very good deal..

Do buy using these links it would give a very small affiliate percentage to us to support the blog,the cost you pay in no way is higher using these links. 

Enjoy Crafting,

Maria Noble Here is some from my favorite store blumchen and here are some more selections


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