Paper Punches and Crepe Paper Flowers | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Paper Punches and Crepe Paper Flowers

I have a load of paper punches that I somehow have picked up over these year and unfortunately not used them at all thanks to having a great Michaels store a few steps away from my home....

I thought I should put these and all the stacks of paper I have left over after all my orders and all the paper I have ordered for the 3 books I wrote a while back,so some time back I was in card making deluge..and recently I came back to these and thought this was the time to take pictures of them and perhaps redesign a few of them to sent to loved ones..especially with my new cricut machine that I have to add sentiments..

I sometime looks at all the paper I have and wonder and gulp :-) as I am sure all crafters do..

Here are some basic card I made all created using paper punches,some are via Martha Stewart and some are Fiskars..

This one used quilling ideas I have in the book "How to Make 100 Paper flwoers"

this one paired with my paper dahlia I made recently and the leaves I cut using my new cricut explore (isn't it beautiful! and what a breeze to make them)

A modified vintage rose in yellow

and here below is another one with Martha's punches along with a note card!

Here is by the way some pictures of  boxes that crafters have done who have my kit "Origami Boxes Super Paper Pack"! Lovely paper and a steal at the prices,check your local Barnes and Nobles for both the kits!



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