Origami kits in Barnes and Noble and some tips on instagram | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Origami kits in Barnes and Noble and some tips on instagram

I recently took a short peek into my local Barnes and Noble and I found to my surprise the Origami Kit (also in target )on the shelves.Looking back my handmade business started around 10 years ago and I never ever thought that in my wildest dreams that I would have a book (let alone 3) selling in Barnes and Noble sitting alongside books from craft icons likes Martha Stewart.When  I started paper flowers were not popular but now what a comeback it's making...

There were many many periods where I have thought I should stop crafting and find a different avenue but always the love of crafting and the creative process always won out.It was never easy especially juggling  a family and 3 kids! So I guess it was a dream come true...so dream on!

barnes and noble maria noble origami kits

A gathering of the tools I use often and the flowers!
paper flowers

I have started to share some tips on my instagram account, so be sure to follow me there,I finally took out the cricut machine (I am planning to post more on the machine soon) and the two leaves are cut via cricut you can get the svg free here if you liked them 

Here is my first cricut cut peony and wonderful rose leaves (where was this when I handcut all those paper leaves!!!).I uploaded my own files had some hiccups but finally landed  with a beautiful peony I still haven't found the time to stem it.

Tip1: I have been using a lot of scissors over the years Fiskars are my best bet for thick paper (like my large paper flower here) till now and mine is well worn out but I also use these steel scissors (see above) also called "barbers scissors" for fine cuts like stamens.I found hem at local pharmacys or even your local grocery store if you don't have one do consider buying one if you are in the "cutting world" I hope to be sharing more tips each week,follow me on instagram id paperflowersjude for the heads up and some instagram followers only tips..

Another of my cards the mushrooms are made up cupcake wrapper btw..along with my crepe paper anemone that are in the "How to Make 100 Paper Flowers" book.



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