Crepe paper Dahlia and handcrafted cards! | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Crepe paper Dahlia and handcrafted cards!

I have been playing around with creating crepe paper Dahlias so here are some new pictures I managed to get this time.The flower in the back is fire flowers from the book "How to  Make 100 Paper Flowers" It creates quite an impact,when used in arrangements.

crepe paper flowers dahlia

paper dahlias

paper dahlias

To add to it Valentine's Day is coming up and  I hope to create a DIY for these gorgeous post it note camelia like flowers that you can create easily.I have been inspired to create some handcrafted cards using the paper punches lying around and here is a gorgeous card along with a note card I created!

valentines day flowers

paper flowers

Christmas is over but don't throw away the wrapping recylce them to create boxes using instructions my Origami Boxes Super Paper Pack and use them to store yours treasures till next year! 

origami boxes



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