Origami Easter gift basket Tutorial | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Origami Easter gift basket Tutorial

A lovely and super easy gift basket that you can make out a single sheet of paper - yes can you believe a  single sheet? to pack your goodies for your baby shower or Easter or upcoming valentines!

There are 10 other such creative boxes in my new kit on Amazon.To create this one you would need one 6 by 6 square paper preferably double sided which is a good feature of the kit that all the papers are double sided and soo gorgeous! 

Step1: Cut one square paper into half lengthwise.(it's a square so anyways :-) fold the rectangle into half bringing the taller side into half.Fold this into half bothways marking the edges to get half points.Bring up the folded corner edges to meet at center to form 2nd step in first picture.Fold this triangle formed inward (open the paper and tuck in the triangles to result in first shape in step 2.)

Step 2: Turn over and bring flap to meet at the middle.Turn over the shape and repeat step to result in first shape in Step 3.
 Step 3: Fold upwards the bottom triangle creasing the fold very well using any hard tool.Fold down the top corners of the flap to meet at middle to form handles.

 Step 4: Bring folded handles up and tuck one handle within the other like shown in 2nd shape to form a lovely box to hold all sort of goodies and favors.

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