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stephanotis bouquet wedding hair

Thestephanotis wedding bouquet is very popular since the symbolic meaning of stephanotis  is it signifies marital happiness so they are often used in wedding and in the bride's hair. The plant itself grows on a vine and produces fragrant waxy flowers. Jenniffer ordered this bouquet in clay and here are some pictures of the Stephanotis floribunda!
stephanotis bouquet

stephanotis bouquet price

The starry white blooms are highly fragrant and are often used by florists in bridal bouquets, thus its nickname 'the wedding plant.Stephanotis vines also produce an inedible fruit, which looks much like a mango. When ripe, the fruit splits apart and releases masses of seeds attached to silky filament-like hairs that are broadcast by the wind.
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stephanotis bouquet price

and here is a video that I took of the bouquet.  
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