DIY Christmas Front door Wreath | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

DIY Christmas Front door Wreath

Its Christmas time again and over the years I have been changing the wreath on my door with simplechanges to create something new and here is my new one that you could whip up in a few secs,

Materials needed:
1.Flowers -poinsettia bunches - pick the heads off the stems I used a bunch of golden and red- use colors to suit the season  you could use paper flowers of course.
3.Christmas ornaments leftovers from tree
4.Wreath ring from Michaels

Snip or pull heads off from the pointsetta bunches,gather any leftover ornaments that you have leftover from the tree.

Snip a small pieces from the wire and wind onto the pointsetta stems wiring all the flowers. Wire the bauble ornaments too.

Lay wreath flat on floor and arrange the pointsetta onto the wreath base placing them alternatively and see how they look,use the wire and attach onto the wreath  base,wind tightly! You have a lovely wreath!

You can view the different wreaths I made over the years here and their tutorials,


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