Paper flowers book some pictures tutorials | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Paper flowers book some pictures tutorials

I have been taking a small break from paper flowers but I am looking forward towards to the publications of two of the kits coming out soon - the Origami Flowers Super Pack by Nov 6,2015.

Meanwhile here are some paper flowers created by Deborah  from the book How to Make 100 Paper Flowers I love it so I thought it deserved a post here! Credits : Deborah

paper flowers

Here is also a review of the book that looks wonderful and I am so glad that the book has inspired crafters to crete paper flowers! 
anemone paper flower tutorial

Here is a  some newly created  origami flowers that I created using some origami techniques I learned from the kits.I have been exploring some new techniques on paper flowers to keep the creative juices flowing:-)

And some more ideas that was from craftside

Happy Crafting!



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