Easy Paper Flowers for Kids DIY Fire Flowers | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Easy Paper Flowers for Kids DIY Fire Flowers

One of my favorite paper flowers in my new book is the Fire Flowers partly due to fact that is so super easy and simple that mostly any elementary school kids too can do it. I wanted to make sure I create some flowers in the book that even my kids would be interested in doing and the book does have many interesting projects that your kids could take up during the summer holidays!

Fire Flowers easy paper flowers tutorials kids
Fire Flowers - paper flowers easy enough for kids
The flowers came in a spur of the moment while playing around with a diecut from Michaels which are often used in most school.Yes,the flowers are made from the regular old diecuts found in most stores and a school staple also.

This time I changed it up a bit by using scrapbook paper and cutting out the pieces using the template template from the book.I used spotted scrapbook paper from NewEngland Scrapbook Company one of my local favourite paper shop here in CT.

Trry changing up colors and I am sure you can end with a great contemprorary accent decor.I thought once the flowers evolved I would call it a Ginger Flowers by my  7 yrs old daughter was the one who saw and said Mom it looks like and Fire Flower and that how the name came to be!

These flowers are going to be going to Paper Crafters Corner Hope you like the samplers!



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