Wedding flower for Celeste | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Wedding flower for Celeste

I am bit behind schedule here -my gardenias are selling out so I needed to make some..

I am working on a lovely order from Celeste for her wedding,her colors are tones of yellow.

I tried out one usher's boutonierre and here is what I created a buttercup colored yellow rose with a single crystal encrusted stephanotis.The stem has a gold thread wound on it to create a nice dimension.I am wondering if I should use the brighter yellow or the lighter yellow...

Lot or order to cover.Hope the memorial day weekend was great! I got back some picture from Christi's wedding (anemone bouquet) and am very happy to see the pictures,so more pictures of another great couple coming up so stay tuned!

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