Paper flower and origami flower making DIY Videos | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Paper flower and origami flower making DIY Videos

Crafting flowers have been a great hobby for me and of lately I have been using instagram a lot to record videos on how to make them for a hands on approach on how to make these after all the best way to learn is to see how someone makes them,here is my collection of DIY videos you could go through and learn!

Creating a #valentines #greetingcard using origami and #kirigami techniques. You will learn how to create an New and easy origami leaf and rose.Like us for more future DIYs! Check out my origami box video too in feed The leaf is a variation of the often seen origami leaf except it's pleated from the corner! I created it while fiddling around with origami! ©marianoble 😘 Discover more by clicking the Follow button for more tips and tricks! . Paper for leaf and flower -Origami Flowers Super Paper pack from Amazon Paper used to make card - Card stock from @michaelsstores Happy Valentines Day and ovals - cut by @officialcricut  #cricutexplore for free tutorials and books #origamikit we r also @ . . . . If you would like to order any of my handmade flowers do visit my store link in profile soon   Explore my  handcrafted flowers
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