Paper Flowers and high tea! | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Paper Flowers and high tea!

I have been still enthralled by dahlias I am seeing around here in New England.I am trying to recreate them of course I know I will never ever be able to get it absolutely right but here my take on another kind of dahlias in paper,enjoy, imagining sipping tea (I am a tea person) surrounded by dahlias.Enjoy!

paper flowers dahlia maria noble

I have been trying to shoot still life what better model than paper flowers! I have plenty more to share so keep watching!!! Here below are 2 kinds of dahlias - dinner plate dahlias and hierloom varieties with some of my older flowers I had around definitely something I will be playing around with, in the future.
paper flowers

Fall is coming soon and I am sad to see all the flowers go with the rain,the cycle continues:-)
Happy Crafting and hoping to share some pictures of my coming books soon on the blog!

Stay Safe!

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