Mother Day Wrist corsage Do it Yourself | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Mother Day Wrist corsage Do it Yourself

Mother's day is fast approaching and so here is a DIY paper flowers wrist corsage that you could print out and create as a gift for anyone you would like to give on Mother's Day.

The project was inspired by  a Mother's Day Gift I received for last Mother's day from my son.I loved the gift  and my heart melted.I treasure it much  I am sure if you gift one they will treasure it too..

The flower technique is featured in my book How to Make 100 Paper Flowers which is on Amazon.

Mother's are a great inspiration to us especially mine as she nurtured the art of paper flowers.Seeing her and my aunt create wonderful paper and fabric flowers in essence created St Jude's Creations.Looking back I do feel nostalgic,sometimes we just need to keep counting our blessings to move forward..Today I do feel greatly blessed and in awe of God for all the blessings bestowed.I never once believed that I would make my hobby into a business,I am sure there are many Mother's there who are talented out there I do hope one day you too will find success in doing the things you love and above all lasting happiness!

Cut squares roughly 3 inches

Fold into 4 and fold into a triangle.

Curve the top open edge with scissors. Cut incisions to separate the petals.

Curl them using a scissors.

Stack them and glue them.

Print the template that is provided.Using the template as guide cut a larger leaf.Attach the wording to the leaf.Attach the leaf fist to a ribbon and glue the flower.

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