65 Paper Roses Arrangement in Pink | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

65 Paper Roses Arrangement in Pink

I have been away and so it's been quite awhile here but busy.Sharon got in touch before I left to ask if I could do a paper flower arrangement containing 65 flower for a friend in a hospital who recently underwent double lung transplant.I was only happy to make them.I offered to pink roses in bud form and here there are! They took longer than I anticipated,I forgot roses have so many petals!!

I can say till date this is going to be my favorite paper flower arrangement I have done and trust me I have done many over the years! Simplicity always brings out beauty. I am sure this is going to requested again.

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I took a quick video of it which is one my youtube channel!

They are so much more prettier in person,so I hope we are going to have one happy person in the hospital.



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