Spring flowers and a giveaway! | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Spring flowers and a giveaway!

Karen had asked me if I could replicate some flowers in a quilt in her room.After many debating I decided to go in for the lilacs and did shaded peonies to match her colors in her quilt.

I hand dyed the paper for most of the flowers in this order.I had deja vu all the time as I was doing this order as I recollected my childhood when I used help my mom dye the flowers she used to make.She and her sister had invented so many techniques to come up with gorgeous colored flowers mainly in fabric.Doing this order reminded me of my aunt (who sadly passed away) and her craft room and my mother's cupboard all filled up with so many colors...eventually we used to come out with painted hands and gorgeously colored fabric flowers...I took a trip back I think which reminds I better pass on it to my daughter someday.. Read More...

I also have another giveaway of my signed book coming up. So do enter the giveway below.Last giveaway winner was Gina Lee from CA.

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