A giveaway for 2 blogger - How to Make 100 Paper Flowers signed book. | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

A giveaway for 2 blogger - How to Make 100 Paper Flowers signed book.

I have been busy working on some new tutorials :-) have exciting new crafts to share but for now I have collaborated with TotallyTutorials  to do a giveaway of TWO of my signed books.

The giveaway involves a challenge :-) (who doesn't love a challenge?)the readers needs to create flowers from the my new book and post one tutorial of any flower they created inspired from any of the 100 patterns offered! With 100 different patterns to inspire you it should be a breeze!

Interested in the challenge head on over here to apply for the spot! and Happy Crafting
crepe paper flower book
Crepe Paper Flower Book

With the Holidays upon us now you could be creating flowers  from the book to add to your home decor or even crafting handmade flowers as gifts for your loved ones! Keepin mind the book would be great gifting option to anyone who is crafty especially kids who like to craft!

Book reviews from Amazon..
"This is a very well written book. My wife and daughter jumped on it as soon as they saw it. There are a lot of beautiful flowers showing up around the house. My daughter won't put the book down. Great to see an 8 year old occupied in creativity. I love it."

"Maria is incredibly talented to conjure up a whole garden of blossoms from paper! The intricate details are spelled out simply. Even my eleven year old has been able to follow the step by step instructions as she cuts away every paper she sees in sight!

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