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Wreath Tutorial a diversion from paper flowers !

A gorgeous wreath tutorial that can be made with no messes!
Quite a diversion from my paper flowers.Using just a few leftover ribbons you can recreate this wreath at home.Change colors to suit the season,best of all NO gluing!

Season 1 Winter - A Peace Wreath.

I hate cutting ribbon and using glue..I LOVE to reuse my ribbons and the wreath form so it was quite a challenge to get some beautiful without cutting and pasting:-)

My aim was to use what was on hand some ribbon leftovers and the foam wreath.No buying anything.I wanted to use NO Glue as I want to reuse the wreath base again to transform it according to the New England seasons :-) Each season I am going to transform the same base to something new.I love challenges :-)

Materials needed:
1.Wreath form base
3.Left over ribbons
4.Peace Sign (mine is a ornament made by my kindergarden son at school :-))

2.Take the widest ribbon and fold the ribbon into equal half.Pin the center onto the wreath base.(no glue:-) of course if you want to use glue go ahead:-))
3.Turn over the wreath base and bring up both ends of ribbon to cross over each other.

4.Cross over the ribbons again as in step 4 to form a knotted design.
5.Take ends to the back of the wreath and cross over at the back to bring up again.
6.Repeat again to cover till your finish 3/4 of the wreath.

7. Step seven shows how your back will look like once done.
8. I hate trimming ribbon.:-) So I folded over the rest (there was not much left as it was a left over bit) and pinned it to the back.

10. Pin the next ribbon end onto the back of the form.Keep wrapping till you finish the wreath.Secure the end with a pin again making sure all pins are at the back.
11.Thread a pin through the back of the peace sign and secure the pin in the wreath base tilted to one side.

You are done.Time taken less than 10 minutes,cost zero.

Wreath forms can be found at www.michaels.com or acmoores.com or any craft stores.
Ribbons used are from Michaels craft store www.michaels.com
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