magnolia wedding cake pictures | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

magnolia wedding cake pictures

Heather sent me back this picture of her cake.I had made the magnolias for her wedding cake Heather has been one of the sweetest bride I have come across and it has been a pleasure to make this for her.

Clay flowers do double up as keepsakes and here is what Heather did with her's in her own words
"The magnolias you made for my wedding cake are probably my favorite detail from our wedding day--- they are stunning... I know I will have them forever. I gave one to my mother in a shadow box as a thank you for making my day so wonderful, and I will be giving one to my mother-in-law in a shadow box for her birthday... They makes such sentinmental gifts, as they once graced the top of our wedding cake :) The other blooms are now prominently placed in my china cabinet for everyone to see and enjoy... They make me smile!"

Thank you Heather!

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