Stephanotis wedding bouquets in clay | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Stephanotis wedding bouquets in clay

Stephanotis wedding bouquet are so classy and elegant! I had an order from Canada for a stpehanotis wedding bouquet along with 4 bridesmaids of the same.The bride wanted off white stepahanotis with crystal centers and the bridesmaids are white with pearl centers.The boutonierres are like Tam's with a single stephanotis and berrries.The bride is also wearing a gardenia in her hair and the bridesmaids some stephanotis.The bridal bouquet has around 60 flowers and the whole order took me a lot of time since the flowers are small!!

Thank you Jena for your order and hope you like the flowers!

You can buy them here at Stephanotis wedding bouquet

stepahnotis clay wedding bouquet

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