Gardenia wedding cake topper pictures from Lindsey | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Gardenia wedding cake topper pictures from Lindsey

Another wedding cake picture post! Lindsey has emailed me and asked me if I could make for her some gardenias for the wedding cake,initially since I was soo booked for Aug/Sept I told her I was not sure then I felt bad (hate dissapointing people)and just some how squeezed her order in and it was well worth it

Photo credits to Michael Gluzman
Wow how lovely does the cake look???? The leaf idea was Lindseys and full credits to her for the idea as it give a fuller and fresher look than the usual plain white ribboned gardenia cake I have seen!

Lindsey is one of the sweetest brides that I have come across ,she sent these pictures of the gardenia cake and her wedding! (most brides in the "after wedding" buzz forget...luckily for me both Christina(see post below) and Lindsey remembered!)

Let me tell how grateful I am to the brides who take the time to mail me the pictures,makes all the late nights sitting up worth it! Thank you Lindsey!
Best Wishes to you and Kam for happily married life ahead.

Photo credits to Michael Gluzman

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