lotus water lily wedding bouquet | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

lotus water lily wedding bouquet

I have shifted finally into the new place(love the extra space).Just before the new place was notified to us I had just taken up an order for Julia and found during the move I had to make the flower due to the close time frame.Anyway since I gave her my word I thought I wil go ahead and do the order although it was a bit stressful :-).

The bouquet has 3 large clay water lily lotus like flower which I handshaded to a royal blue tips (the picture is not quite revealing on the shading I think) then it has bright magenta orchids,royal blue filler flower and yellow berries and flower fillers.I tried out the deeper royal blue and felt it lacked realism and so I went for the lighter tone and shaded in the deeper hues.It finished off with a royal blue satin wrap.

The father have a paper flower boutonierres of orchids and a leaf and the mother have a similar version.

The groom has a mini water lily bud.

Hope Julia likes this one.The order is all set for shipping asap since her wedding is next week!!!How I would love to recieve pictures of this wedding! The bride is going to be wearing my gardenia hair flower also!

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