Leisa - composite wedding flowers | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Leisa - composite wedding flowers

As you might have seen below Leisa had ordered the flowers for her wedding to match the tattoo on her shoulder of a black peony.Her order was unique and new and wow how unique and new it has turned out.This wedding is going to be a stunner :-) There are too many flower in my house in riots of colors so I thought I will just need to ship some away to make room in my room!!!

These flower are made in a unique manner which is a new unique technique I developed in paper using a technique different from how the usual fresh compisite flowers are made..I am sure I will be exploring more aspects of this design further -all credits to Liesa for her great ideas on the color combos.

The flowers for the bouquet will be red/cream/black.

The throw bouquet flowers are there is pink/grey/black -sooo elegant.

The groom's boutonniere has a velvet leaf and and 2 feathers,
while the best man has a cream/grey/black composite flower.

I found this nice printed ribbon which just went so well with the composites that I used it -(I am crossing my finger that Liesa will like it too :-)) The ushers have grey peonies all wrapped in a printed ribbon and a small black ribbon ties on the stems.

The wrist corsages turned out extremely well,
I used a large flower and some vintage velvet leaves and ribbons and fillers and lo behold I have a GORGEOUS wrist corsage which I am sure is going the be a great hit.The ribbon just gels with the flowers! Great find :-)

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