Assorted paper peonies for baccacoed | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Assorted paper peonies for baccacoed

Lots of happenings - St Jude's featured in a magazine via Dixiepixel -yippee! St Jude's awarded One Lovely Blog award (more to come on that).Just inundated with orders and hence the sparse postings! Anyway I just LOVED how this order came out -my client had asked for assorted peonies in shades of pink -each time I make the peonies I am one step better I feel -this one is one of my best peonies I made- I hope to turn them into arragement when I get breathing time :-) which hardly happens nowadays with all my orders and 2 toddlers (yes 2) in tow:-) so be ready to order pretty early if you need something.

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shanti priya said...

hi,this is shanti priya from india.i loved ur work a lot.i'm really in love with ur flowers.i recently learnt to make handmade-flowers.
keep going.all the best.



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