Pink anemone wedding bouquet for Christi. | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Pink anemone wedding bouquet for Christi.

I just finished up the pink anemone bouquet for Christi in clay,it islooking very beautiful.The bouquet has different shades of pink anemones and pink sweet peas as filer just as the bouquet Christi had requested,it is cinched with a black velvet ribbon which adds a real touch of elegance.I found a peice of heirloom lace and I just thought I should be adding that too!!

Anemones are very delicate flowers and have to be shipped in from Holland and will burn a big hole in pocket,clay bouquets are a cost effective option and of course will be a hierloom to pass down of you special day.

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Cupcakes&more... said...

beautifull I love anemone flowers... and you'rs are spectacular!!



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