black and white wedding bouquet | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

black and white wedding bouquet

A black and white wedding !

Christi had emailed me and requested if I could make for her wedding the bouquet and of course it was anemones that she wanted.Now we are planning to a combination of both.The order has 3 mother's bouquets which I finished up yesterday.

There are 3 a bit larger paper anemone with some berries which I added as it was looking soo pretty together(hope christi likes this as we had orginally planned no filler)I finished it off with some paper ribbon to match the paper flowers :-) and the handle is all black satin!

The boutonierres are single anemones with no fillers again wrapped in black satin.

The cakes flowers are also done but I didn't get time to photograph that - more coming up in the next post.

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