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Anemone Wedding Cake Topper revisited for bouquets

I have been requested many times to make anemones wedding bouquets for brides.Anemones wedding cakes are the latest now in the bridal scene and I have about 3 bookings this spring for bridal bouquets with them and anemone wedding cake topper.I am really looking forward in making them.Here is the picture I think about 5 brides have forwarded me a very nicely decorated set of cakes.

Here are some old pictures I had done of blue anemones! which I though I should revisit and arrange for my viewers that they know the range of colors options

Orange and yellow anemone held together

Today I had an urgent request from a bride's wedding coordinator whose baker suddenly stood up on them and she asked if I could do a large anemone flower for the bride's cake.Th flower would be the only flower atop the cake and lo and behold she forwarded me the same picture! I thought I would give it a try in decorative clay and here is the result
anemonecake Mind you the flower is 5 to 6 inches across! Here is my listing for it at Anemone cake anemone cake

where you can buy one similiar to it

I liked the idea very much especially for a bride on a budget! I think I need to find a cake "form" from somewhere to take pictures of flowers atop it.Right now my simple paper box will have to do:-)

Here is a new set of 5 I made

and here is a set of 5.Click on picture to take to the listing.


Loulabelle said...

This looks wonderful! I love it!

I am getting married in June 2011 and I would love Anemones but I think that they are out of season then. This could be the answer.

Do you sell them in the UK please?

Vanessa Santiago said...

hi there! i desperatly need some anemones for my wedding cake!!!! how can i order some.? i need them white with black center. please contact me a.s.a.p!!!!

MARIA said...

yes,I do ship to UK but via priority international only!



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