Top 6 Paper Flower Making Tool Guide | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Top 6 Paper Flower Making Tool Guide

Hope you had a wonderful year and Great Christmas!  I thought it would be a great way to start the year by creating a Tool Guide for crafters young and old alike..

Have you been searching for the right paper flower making tools? You are at the right place below are listed the top tools required to make paper flowers. I have mentioned in my How to Make 100 Paper Flowers book there are various kind of tool that you use to make paper flowers.

I love to use the following tools for many of my large and small projects.

Here is the List of My Top 5 tools that you can rely on! 

1.Fine steel Scissors 

I have used and gone through tons of scissors and one of the best ones I have come upon to get fine details in flowers is a simple barbers scissors!!.I got mine at my local grocery store (Shoprite) here in CT.It's the most fabulous scissor I have come across,still going strong after 4 years,I know people do buy expensive and nifty scissors that look fabulous,looks great in flatlays but this one get my five star rating all the time,so if you are in the cutting work and in need of fine detail work this one is the one to have and you won't regret it!

I have felt frustrated with my scissors many times and by researching many and going through many I have come upon this one!

2.Fiskars Scissors

My most trusted scissors for cutting thicker paper and cardstock is this.I think I virtually have this scissors in every step out of my book "How to Make 100 Paper Flowers"

Again I have cut tons of paper with this! very trusted ,available at Amazon and craft stores.


Initially I was not much of a fan of a score board but when I started to origami boxes,this has proven this extremely useful to get clear and crisp score lines.I know EKSucess has one at Staple but I got mine at Michaels and mine is Martha Stewarts,great scorer comes with a scorer,great tool!

4.Bamboo skewers

During my craft journey I never used to use these until I started to work with clay,clay techniques do involve using bamboo toothpicks.So it happened by chance that I had only bamboo skewers on me after a season of grilling:-) I started to use it for paper and clay and it has proven to be my best go to tool ever!! My mom used to used small thicker wire to roll the edges of paper as seen in my DIY videos but I think the bamboo definitely has taken over that in my research!

5.Wire cutters

To tell you truth I hate cutting wire! and I had trouble with the small cutter that is available at most craft stores,so I started researching again and landed with a great wire cutter from Lowes Hardware.

Great on the hand -the other takes a toll on your hands! Especially with 18 gauge or more stem wire.

I have found it great to cut the stems of a bouquet that extend at the end and you want trim it at the end.It is only great for wire cutting but..not for fresh stems.

Great buy!

6.Glue gun
A great glue gun is essential! I started using the mini glue gun from Michaels because it could achieve fine work.Well,then I got the first  large paper flower wall and I went through 3 of them,burnt down 2 and had burnt finger and sore fingers for days! The large is great for large work but a stand is essential.
I have though reading the side effects of inhaling  the smoke out of it using of a glue gun to minimum.It's a choice you have to make..Use only in a well aired room and keep kids away due to smoke inhalation and burns. Make sure to buy a dual or a high temp to do large projects.

I have great new and exciting ideas and projects coming up that I have been working on last  year.I hope this  year by God's grace may be a great blessing for all the handmade artists and handmade businesses who work tirelessly dedicating their time and money into their labor of love.

For my new Year Resolution is to reduce my social media to the minimum I felt it was tapping my creativity and family time..So more posts here and less facebook/ instagram,unless I change my mind :-)

God Bless and Happy Crafting,Have a Blessed New Year.

Maria Noble.


Randy said...

I plan on doing a lot of paper flower projects this year also. Thanks for this information

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