Paper Flowers for veterans day! | Handmade PaPer FloweRs by Maria Noble

Paper Flowers for veterans day!

Paper flowers in red ,blue and white galore! I had the honor of doing some 200 odd boutonnieres and corsages for veterans, some pictures to see!

I had made these easy paper flower buttonhole roses changing up some techniques to create a simple and yet elegant roses using simple crepe paper folds.Figured out a way to make quick and easy roses finally ,labor is always the biggest factor in a handmade business, I guess my mind is always thinking how to simplify things..

paper roses handmade

The set of 75 paper rose buds below! To buy more paper flowers do visit here

paper-flowers in crepe paper

The paper roses made from crepe paper fold you get in craft store I bought these from ACmoore see my supplier list for more places to buy paper.

paper-flowers in crepe paper
paper-roses in crepe paper

Stay tuned for exciting projects  I am working on for clients!

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